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Promotion: The New MINRESI Financial Controller Installed

Mr. Ntonga Bidje Nestor, Inspector of Financial Authorities, was installed on Thursday 11 July 2016 at MINRESI during an official ceremony presided over by the representative of the Minister of Finance, Mr. Dairou Djidda, Head of Division of Budgetary Control, Audit and Quality of Expenditure at the Ministry of Finance, in the presence of Mr. Mansourou, Deputy Director of Budget, Equipment and Maintenance at MINRESI, representing the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation. The ceremony had the following points on its agenda: Welcome speech by the representative of MINRESI, reading of the appointment decision, installation speech by the representative of MINFI, signing of documents, presentation of attributes, handover and installation proper.
Mr. Ntonga Bidjié Nestor, the new Central Financial Controller at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation was born on 30 July 1982 in Douala. His primary, secondary and university studies were in different schools of the country. At the end of his studies, he obtained a Maitrise in Business Law and a Masters degree in International Relations, major in Banking, Money and Finance at IRIC. He is now a Professional PhD student in Public Law, major in public contracts and public procurement.
Enrolled into the Advanced School of Administration and Magistracy in 2003, he graduates two years later with a certificate from this prestigious institution, which enables him get into the Public Service as Inspector of Financial Authorities. He started his career in 2005 at the Ministry of Finance where he worked till his appointment as Central Financial Controller at MINRESI.

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