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Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation Highlights Innovation

Top of the agenda of the Cabinet Meeting of 28 July 2016 chaired by Prime Minister, Head of Government, was the presentation of the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation on the achievements and challenges of Innovation in Cameroon. This communication enabled Dr. Madeleine Tchuinté to make an inventory of the acquired national research and innovation system on the institutional, scientific and technological policies; all what contributes to the use and dissemination of research and innovation results. Concerning the challenges of innovation, the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation said the strategic option taken by her ministry aims at intensifying the transfer function of research results to the economic sectors, promoting the culture of innovation and creating new mechanisms to finance the national research and innovation system. These actions, she noted, require a synergy between research, companies and investors.

At the end of the presentation, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, called on the Ministers of Scientific Research and Innovation, Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Post and Telecommunications, to work in close collaboration to develop thematic strategies on innovation, technological development and the digital economy.




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