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  "MIPROMALO is a State research and innovation structure playing a leading role in the production of scientific knowledge and technological innovations on local materials to meet the demands of our people in search of a better life as well as our more efficient and competitive industry." That is essentially the message of the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation addressed this Thursday, 14 July 2016 to the officials and staff of the Mission Promoting Local Materials. After the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development, MIPROMALO is actually the second stop for MINRESI's working visit in research structures under its supervision based in Yaounde.
Dr. Madeleine Tchuinté started her working visit at the MIPROMALO site in Nkolbisson where she lauded the work done by the workers of the industrial plant, mechanical manufacturing unit and pilot centre for producing decorative bricks. This important device with an industrial dryer, shall now enable the plant to produce more than twenty two thousand mould bricks daily. According to Professor Uphie Chinje Melo, director of MIPROMALO, this device will be greatly strengthened with the financing of the contract plan which will promote the establishment of eight more branches in the country, after the Garoua pilot centre in the North region, that of Bamenda and Ekondo Titi in the North West region and Dibombari in the Littoral region.
The Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation was pleased with this development strategy which will help to diligently implement the instructions of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, on the use of local materials in the construction of public buildings with  more than one floor. She also recommended that the mastery of the use of local materials in building and a large-scale production be promoted to reduce the cost of decent housing in Cameroon.
Madeleine Tchuinté then called on the management of MIPROMALO to acquire the newly generated impetus by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation for the establishment of a lasting relationship between research and the corporate world. In the same light, she continued, MIPROMALO should adopt a quintuple attitude: Listening to the corporate world and the challenges it faces in its quest for performance and competitiveness driven by innovation, working relentlessly to support and respond to the demands of the company, contributing significantly to bring forth a strong and sustainable growth through scientific and technological production, protecting innovations produced in a bid to promote them by transferring these innovations to the private sector, and setting up a system for the sustainable research and innovation programs of MIPROMALO.




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