Public enquiry for the Technical Standards

The Word Trade Organisation with the Minister of the Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr Madeleine TCHUINTE, informs the scientific Community that the draft Cameroonian Standards (PNC) adopted by Technical Standards Commitees are subject to public inquiry for three (03) months, from July 1st to September 30, 2018.

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The Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, will on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 10 am, receive in audience His Excellency JENS-PETTER KJEMPRUD, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Cameroon. Dr. Madeleine Tchuinté will together with her guest examine ways and means of strengthening scientific cooperation between Cameroon and the Kingdom of Norway, especially in the areas of education, scientific and technological capacity building, development of aquaculture and the green economy.

The beginning of Cameroon’s cooperation with the Kingdom of Norway dates back to 1920 with the creation of the Protestant College and the establishment of health units in Ngaoundere by Norwegian missionaries. One of the achievements of this cooperation is the inauguration of the 5-year VISCAM project in December 2017, which will promote exchanges between the Universities of Ngaoundere and Tromso, in Norway.

The 6th Edition of the Jersic from 21 to 23 February 2018

  Within the framework of the 6th Edition of the Excellence Week for Scientific Research and Innovation in Cameroon (JERSIC) which will take place from 21 to 23 February 2018 at the Yaoundé City Council, the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr. Madeleine TCHUINTE will hold a press conference on Thursday, 15February 2018 at 2.p.m. in the Conference Room of MINRESI.

The 6th Edition of JERSIC held under the theme: "Scientific Research and Innovation: Strategic Tools for Business and Socio-Economic Transformations", is an extension of the high level dialogue initiated in 2015 with employers. The Minister will emphasize on strategies to be developed for the National Research and Innovation System to contribute effectively to improving the performance of Cameroonian companies, as part of a win-win partnership.

The innovation in this Edition is the introduction of the special prize for the valorisation of research results, which is a complement to the Special Grand Prize of the President of the Republic entitled "Golden Lion of Scientific and Technological Excellence" and the special innovation prize of the President of the Republic for the Cameroonian youth.






08H00-09H00    -    Reception and registration of Researchers;
09H00-09H30    -     Installation of Researchers at the Conference Centre Esplanade;
09H30-09H45    -     Installation of Guests at the Conference Centre Esplanade;
09H45    -    Arrival of the Secretary General, Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation ;
09H50    -    Arrival of the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation;
10H10-10H30    -    Procession of researchers by rank;
10H30-10H45    -    Family picture;
10H45-11H00    -    Guests take their seats in the ceremonial hall;
11H00-11H10    -    The Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, the honorary Fellow of the Cameroon Academy of Sciences and her entourage take their seats in the ceremonial hall;
11H10-11H30    -    Solemn entry of researchers by rank (Research Assistant, Research Officer, Senior Research Officer and Chief Research Officer);

    -    Singing of the National Anthem;
    -    Welcome speech by the Secretary General, Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation;
-    Musical Interlude;
    -    Inaugural Lecture presented by Dr TCHATAT Mathurin, on the theme: « The Challenges of Consolidating a critical mass of researchers for the development of Cameroon» ;
    -    Musical Interlude;
    -    Scientific Honours to an eminent Researcher ;
    -    Musical Interlude;
-    Presentation of recently promoted researchers
-    Musical Interlude;
-    Presentation of newly recruited researchers ;
-    Musical interlude;
    -    Speech by the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation;
      14H00    -    Reception;

      15H00    -    END OF CEREMONY.

1st MOST Forum of Ministers of Social Development in Central Africa

Communiqué de presse

Le Cameroun abrite du lundi 24 au mercredi 26 octobre 2016 au l’hôtel Mont Febé de Yaoundé, le premier Forum des ministres du développement social pour les pays de l’Afrique centrale. Organisé sous l’égide du Programme pour la gestion des transformations sociales (MOST) de l’UNESCO et sous la coordination du Ministère de la Recherche scientifique et de l'innovation, est placé sous le thème : « Insécurité et migration en Afrique centrale : Impact sur les femmes et les jeunes ».

L’objectif du Forum qui va regrouper tous les pays de l’Afrique centrale auxquels vont s’ajouter l’Angola, le Burundi, le Rwanda et le Nigéria, est le partage de connaissances, d’expérience, et d’expertise dans le développement et la mise en œuvre des politiques publiques innovantes sur les problèmes d’insécurité et de migration.

Le forum vise également l’élaboration des programmes pertinents et fiables pouvant permettre de traduire en actions politiques, les connaissances en sciences sociales dans le domaine de l’insécurité et des migrations.

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Download pre final agenda


Applications for the the recruitement of 220 (two hundred and twenty) researchers

Call for Applications for the recruitment of two hundred twenty (220) researchers on behalf of MINRESI

The Ministry Of Public Service And The Administrative Reform
The Ministry Of Scientific Research and Innovation

Inform the general public that it launched a Call for Applications for the recruitment of two hundred twenty (220) researchers on the behalf of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation under the 2016 budget year.
They therefore invite those interested to go to the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform, on its website, the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation and with Regional Center of Research and Innovation to read the registration rules provided by the act Call for Applications.
Finally they recall that the date eligibility limit initially set records at September 30, 2016 is postponed to Friday, October 29, 2016


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